Our Clinic

We use state of the art dental equipment and materials. These include: modern dental chairs, digital x-rays, intraoral camera, dental operating microscopes, rotary endodontic machine, latest instrument autoclave sterilizer and dental implant surgical equipment. We utilize modern technology in dentistry, to provide a high quality, highly efficient service, and most importantly, deliver a comfortable and positive experience for our patients.

Facilities we offer

  • On-site parking via Compton Street (all day street parking also available)
  • Wheel-chair friendly facilities and access including: disabled parking, ramp, bathroom and reception area
  • Onsite HICAPS claim- Claim insurance/Medicare card
  • Play area for young children

We are conveniently located next to the Edwardes Street retail shopping strip – pharmacies are a short walk should you require scripts filled after your visit.

Easily accessible by public transport - Reservoir Train Station and Buses No. 553 and 561 (Edwardes street)  and No. 558 (Compton Street) are nearby.


Wisdom Teeth

  • The emergence of wisdom teeth can be a painful and frustrating time often causing ongoing discomfort. 
  • Removal of wisdom teeth can be a daunting experience, however it can prevent future dental issues and expenses.  
  • Wisdom teeth can be removed under local anaesthetic with minimal discomfort and is less expensive than under general anaesthetic.  

Piercings and alcohol use

  • Nerve damage is a possibility with tongue piercing, affecting facial movement and the ability to feel the affected area. 
  • Teeth can be chipped beyond repair to due force inflicted by facial piercings – especially tongue and lip piercings. 
  • While you’re drinking alcohol try to swish a mouthful of water around every so often to increase the saliva flow and rinse away sugars and acid in your mouth. 
  • After drinking alcohol chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva flow and clear the mouth of harmful sugars and acid.