Emergency dental care

Suffering dental emergency?

  • Dental pain?
  • Chipped filling or cracked tooth?
  • Sensitivity teeth to cold drinks?
  • Bleeding gums?
  • Wisdom tooth pain, jaw pain?
  • Need tooth extraction?
  • Need wisdom teeth removal?

Need professional advice on what’s happening to your teeth?
We can help!  Our dentist will assess your dental issue thoroughly, and help you to resolve your tooth discomfort. Call us on 9460 6627.

Wisdom Teeth

  • The emergence of wisdom teeth can be a painful and frustrating time often causing ongoing discomfort. 
  • Removal of wisdom teeth can be a daunting experience, however it can prevent future dental issues and expenses.  
  • Wisdom teeth can be removed under local anaesthetic with minimal discomfort and is less expensive than under general anaesthetic.